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1) Where is Wally? This is the number one most asked question.

1) Rest assured. Wally is always working hard. He may be on the road, on the salesfloor, or in the warehouse. Check the breakroom, too.

2) What if I need to special order an item?

i.e.: toner for fax machines, oil for shredders, phone batteries

2) There are three steps to take: First check with store personnel to see if the item is available through STO/VES. Second, see if the store is able to special order the item (this may take some time). Third, check the warranty document below to see if the applicable customer service representative can assist you.
3) What do I do if I have to return something?

Sometimes products need repair.

3) That depends on the item and on the manufacturer. Please click on the warranty document here: For speediest results read the warranty policy and follow the outlined procedure. Customer service hotlines and addresses are provided.
4) What if my question isn't here? There is always an answer.

4) Ask us. Please click on the Contact button on the left side of the page or click here: CONTACT